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Auto Europe signs on Amadeus

Auto Europe has signed a worldwide agreement to distribute Auto Europe’s 4,000 car rental locations and content through Amadeus with Complete Access Plus. Auto Europe will be the first to implement a seamless location search using OTA (Open Travel Alliance) XML (extended mark-up language) message technology, which allows travel agents to have real-time access to Auto Europe car locations worldwide. OTA is now a standard which was formed to improve the electronic exchange of business information across all sectors of the travel industry.

“Auto Europe is delighted to work with Amadeus due to its international reach, experience and innovative technology, which has made the booking process much easier for our customers. In addition, we are now able to provide travel agents with up-to-date, real-time information on our inventory through Complete Access Plus, creating a better service for the end customer,” says Imad Khalidi, CEO, Auto Europe.

Amadeus users booking Auto Europe will be transferred directly to Auto Europe’s system to search their locations and determine which rates are available. This process ensures that real-time availability and total price information are displayed. Amadeus users will also benefit from PNR and back-office integration.

“As a technology partner for the travel and tourism industry, it is important for us to add value throughout the distribution chain straight through to the end traveller by building solutions to meet their needs. We do just that by ensuring the travel agent and traveller receives fast and accurate information. Currently there are 27 car rental companies in the Amadeus system which equates to 35,000 locations, of which 96% can be booked through Amadeus’ highest level of connectivity,” stated Albert Pozo, Managing Director, Travel & Leisure, Amadeus.

Furthermore, Auto Europe will be one of two launch partners in the upcoming release of Amadeus’ new car leisure solution for travel agents at the end of Q1.