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MeCo upgrades web features

The Meetings Community (MeCo) is launching brand new features and updates for the event planning industry. As a planning professional’s paradise, MeCo provides members with free, unlimited access to valuable industry information, job boards, educational resources, directories, and mentorship opportunities. MeCo’s newest feature, Chat Lessons 1.0, is a monthly educational web seminar facilitated by some of the most recognized planners in the business.

“I can’t believe it’s been only a year that we started the MeCo list,” proclaims Loretta Lowe, CMP, Thursday Moderator and MeCo co-founder. “It’s been an amazing journey and so wonderful to see such an active industry online community where everyone pitches in and makes it work. With such a wealth of knowledge and information, it sure has made my job as a meeting planner easier!

Chat Lessons 1.0 will take place once a month in the MeCo chat room, at the designated meeting time. After the instructors present their live seminar, there will be an interactive question and answer segment. Typical lessons will range from 45 minutes to 1 hour. The transcripts from the presentations will be archived and available for members to read and use as needed. A number of the planning industry’s successful veterans have been invited to share their expertise including: Corbin Ball, Julia Silvers, Andrea Gold, Sherry Parks, and Sue Pelletier. The first session will take place on Friday, January 26th, 2007 with MeCo’s very own Sandy Biback, CMP CMM.

“I am really amazed at our progress in such a short time,” says Dan Parks, President & Creative Director of Corporate Planners Unlimited, Monday Moderator and co-founder for MeCo. “Our membership is booming, Chat Lessons is already shaping up to be another great free feature, and our members are both passionate and excited about what we are doing. We couldn’t ask for a better outlook.”

Event planners and representatives worldwide have been meeting on MeCo, since its inception on January 6th, 2006, to network, job search, discuss and exchange ideas about every aspect of the planning industry. As a $102.3 billion-dollar industry, event planning is becoming increasingly specialized and demanding. Planning professionals are eager to get as much information and training as possible so they can stay at the top of the game.


“The Meetings Community has grown beyond what I envisioned for it when we first started. It has become a central gathering place for people all over the world,” admits Jim Louis, CIO of Best Meetings, Inc. and MeCo co-founder. “Initially, MeCo was designed just to allow members to communicate through emails. At the suggestion of our users, we have added a membership directory, a chat room and an interactive job board with resume posting ability. I cannot wait to see where MeCo takes us next!”

“Because MeCo provides free and quick expertise on all aspects of the meetings industry, it’s only a matter of time before we are considered a necessary tool for all meeting planners,” says Jean Travers, Wednesday MeCo Moderator.

MeCo has become a vital online resource for planning professionals worldwide, and their membership expansion is reflective. They currently have over 1,100 members representing established companies from every continent across the globe. MeCo offers key resources and networking opportunities that eliminate some of the obstacles that event planners often experience. With so many resources and connections, it’s no wonder meeting professionals are so enthusiastic about joining.

“In less than one year, MeCo has gained an impressive 1100 members and is continuously growing. MeCo has quickly become an essential resource for those in the planning profession,” says Sandy Biback, CEO of Imagination+Meeting Planners, Inc. and Tuesday MeCo Moderator. “Hats off to the founders! I’m thrilled to be an active part of such a wonderful resource for professionals and for the next generation.”