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Airlines support UK security measures

Most of the world’s airlines who are currently effected by the terror threat in the UK are releasing statements supporting the current heightened security measures and warning passengers of the new instructions for travel. The new measures are as follows:

Passengers are advised that only the following items may be taken through airport security search points:

- Travel documents for their journey

- A pocket sized wallet - handbags are not permitted

- Prescribed medicines essential on their flight and not in liquid form unless verified as authentic


- Sunglasses and spectacles but not with their cases

- Contact lenses but no solution bottles

- Passengers travelling with infants may take baby food and milk and sanitary items for use on their flight

- Keys are permitted but no electric key fobs

All other items MUST be placed in passengers’ checked-in baggage

bmi, flybe, easyJet, Qantas have all released similar statements recommending passengers check websites for information before departing for the airport while the airline’s assess which flights will be cancelled.