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Avis takes thumb print security at Stansted

Avis UK is boosting security at its Stansted Airport rental station by asking
customers to leave their thumb print when renting a vehicle.

As part of a major security drive, Avis is working with local police and other car
rental companies based at Stansted on a scheme to help prevent fraudulent rentals
occurring at the airport.

The scheme requires all rental customers to leave a thumb print with their rental
agreement when collecting their car. The thumb print not only acts as a deterrent to
those who feel they may be able to commit a crime when renting a car, but those who
do leave their identity and therefore can be traced.


Stuart Gent, Avis managing director explains: “Fraudulent rental transactions are
a concern throughout the country.  Fraudsters may attempt to rent a car either using
a stolen or cloned credit card or driving licence without the intention of returning
the vehicle.”



“Through participation in the Stansted trial, Avis is helping the industry stay
ahead of the fraudsters.”


Critics of the system claim it is an invasion of privacy, however Avis do not store
the thumb print permanently and will not use the customer’s print in any way
unless a crime is perpetrated.


“Customers’ reaction to the trial at Stansted will enable us to look into
standardising this practice across all our rental stations. It is currently working
very well and has been generally well received by our customers,” said Gent.

Avis has also been nominated this year for a


World Travel Award as Europe’s Leading Car Hire.