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TAM receives two new Airbus A320

Brazil’s largest airline company, will receive two new Airbus A320 aircraft. The second A320 incorporated into TAM’s fleet this year will be delivered today.

Delivery of one more aircraft of the same model is scheduled for next week, increasing the number of the company’s aircraft in operation to 81. These deliveries were requested in addition to the firm’s agreement with Airbus for 29 more A320 and another 20 options, aimed to meet the increase in demand observed in past months.

The new A320 are operated by TAM on domestic and South American routes. Built with state-of-the-art technology, the aircraft provide passengers with safety and comfort. The A320 will arrive equipped with sophisticated high-precision systems and liquid crystal screens in the control panels, making the equipment lighter and ensuring reliability and image definition. The A320 family in TAM’s fleet are the only digital mid-distance aircraft with the fly-by-wire system flying in Brazil.

These deliveries reinforce TAM’s policy of operating a young aircraft fleet (7.5 years old on average) and ensuring passenger comfort and a leading technology product.