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Travel Agency pay remains hot topic

More than two thirds (68%) of travel agencies are providing annual, non promotion based pay rises.  This is according to the latest Amadeus snap poll in which more than 175 UK leisure and business travel agents and industry professionals were surveyed about annual pay rises. 

According to the poll, 51% of the agents surveyed had received an annual pay rise of between 03-05% within the last 12 months. 

However, whilst a large proportion of the travel agents surveyed are receiving annual pay rises, 63% of respondents still listed low pay as the major factor that would contribute to them leaving the travel industry followed by limited career opportunities (32%), stress (31%) and feeling undervalued (25%).

Rob Golledge, Marketing and Communications manager for Amadeus UK said “Experienced agents are able to provide terrific value to their clients by sharing knowledge and expertise which they have accumulated over years of working in the industry. So it is important that the industry works hard to retain these frontline ambassadors.  Although few in the travel industry would say that it is the pay that attracted them in the first place, it is positive to note that the majority of travel agencies we surveyed are recognising their staff with annual pay rises, many in excess of the current rate of inflation.”