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Embraer sells two jets to Asia

Embraer is selling two new Legacy 600 business aircraft to Asia, expanding to eight the Legacy 600 fleet in the region. The two new jets will be delivered in 2006. One will be operated by Jakarta-based PT Ekspres Transportasi Antarbenua (Premiair) and the other by an undisclosed company in the region.

Asia is seeing a strong resurgence in business aircraft demand, and this is due to the recovery of the “Tiger Economies” after the downturn of the 1990s. Individuals and corporations are increasingly reliant on high-quality charter aircraft to gain access to developing markets throughout the Indonesian archipelago and the greater Asian region.

Premiair maintains a fleet of aircraft suited and configured for the diverse requirements of the Asian market. The acquisition of the Legacy 600 will provide its customers new levels of performance and comfort, and enough range to reach out to destinations in China, the Middle East and Australia.

“With our Southeast Asian customers expanding their business into the Middle East and China, the Legacy 600 gives Premiair the cabin and the range to support these longer missions, while still maintaining a price point acceptable to a nascent corporate aircraft market,” said Fritz E. Simandjuntak, Managing Director of PT Ekspres Transportasi Antarbenua (Premiair).

The sale of two Legacy 600s to Indonesia continues the expansion of the fleet in Asia. Currently, five of these jets are making the transport of Indian government authorities and one is being operated by a tourism sector entrepreneur with headquarters in Macao.