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Alternative-fuel vehicles in world race

Alternative fuel and hybrid powered automobiles are going to compete in an around the world rally-race, from New York City, U.S.A., to Paris, France.It is for a US$1-million purse, according to Rally Partners, Inc., the event organizers.

“Great Race 2008” will start in New York City, on February 12, 2008; 100 years to the day after the “Greatest Auto Race” began in the same city, and will race 22,000 miles over much of the same route that was traveled in the 1908 race.

The “Greatest Auto Race” of 1908 race was created to prove the commercial viability of a newfound technology, the combustion engine propelled automobile.

Great Race 2008 is designed to achieve the same goal; prove the viability of the latest automotive technologies. It will challenge manufacturers and entrepreneurs to create the next generation of automotive travel.

“Much like the “Greatest Auto Race” proved the combustion engine a practical solution for motor travel, the Great Race 2008 will test and prove automotive propulsion technologies that will transport the world’s citizens in the 21st century,” said Bill Ewing, CEO, Rally Partners, Inc.


“It’s an incredible opportunity to showcase the latest automotive technology, while celebrating the early pioneers of the automobile in the same race.”

Utilizing Great Race’s unique time and endurance competition, 40 teams—20 driving the latest in “green” technology and 20 of the world’s finest vintage machines, will rally race across North America, to San Francisco where the cars will be shipped to Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, for a trek across Eurasia to Europe and the City of Lights.

This ultimate adventure in motor sports will stop at 53 cities and cover more than 14,000 hard-driven miles, sections of it over some of the most desolate landscape on earth.

For 23 years the Great Race has delivered family entertainment and community events in more than 900 cities in North America. Rally Partners, Inc., the event organizers, is focused on bringing experiential automotive events to consumers both nationally and internationally through Great Race events. Jack Roush, one of NASCAR’s leading team owners and , CEO of Coker Tire are two members of the Rally Partners organization

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