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Culture & Travel mag out September

LTB Media, plans to launch a new magazine, Culture & Travel, in September, and named as editor in chief Michael Boodro, formerly executive editor of Elle Décor.The company, which is owned by Louise Blouin MacBain and has offices in New York, London, and Paris, will publish two issues of Culture & Travel in 2006, and six issues in 2007.

The magazine will cover travel from an arts perspective, with an emphasis on cultural destinations, festivals, architecture and the performing arts.

“As globalization brings our world closer together, Culture & Travel is designed to promote an understanding of culture beyond borders,” commented Louis MacBain.

“It is a magazine for voyagers who wish to nourish their minds and spirits through culture.”

Michael Boodro joins the magazine from a distinguished career in publishing.


Prior to joining Elle Décor, he served as an editor in the Style Department of the New York Times Magazine, and was the editor in chief of Garden Design.

He worked at Vogue for eleven years, where he was responsible for the magazine’s coverage of art, food, design and culture.

In announcing the appointment, James Truman, CEO & Managing Editor of LTB Media, commented: “Michael brings a depth of knowledge in all of the arts, and a wealth of experience in sophisticated magazine publishing. He is the perfect editor to make a magazine of originality and beauty.”