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Hyatt takes on VRX for visuals

VRX Studios will cover all of Hyatt’s International properties located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Mexico and the Middle East providing online visual content.Hyatt’s decision to work with VRX to cover their international properties is a direct result of the success of VRX’s 2005 agreement with Hyatt Corporation.

The 2005 agreement (see the Company’s press release dated April 28, 2005) named VRX as Hyatt’s “Official Provider of Online Visual Content” and covered Hyatt’s 120 domestic properties.

Under the new agreement, VRX is expected to complete coverage of Hyatt’s international properties by the end of 2006, at which time VRX will have covered all of the Hyatt properties globally.

Included in the Hyatt International properties are the ultra luxurious Park Hyatt Paris - Vendome, the Grand Hyatt Shanghai (the tallest hotel in the world), the exceptional Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, and the Park Hyatt Melbourne, all of which continually generate accolades for their superb service.

VRX will create high quality, web-friendly 360-degree virtual tours, still images, and interactive maps of Hyatt’s exquisite international properties.


All content created will be certified by Hyatt before being added to VRX’s Hotel Archive. Once certified, the new hotel content will be used by Hyatt on its corporate website, and on the websites of the individual hotels.

In addition, VRX will make the certified content available to all third parties that represent Hyatt online.

“VRX’s coverage of our domestic properties has now been integrated into our corporate website and we are very pleased with its exceptional quality, detailed coverage, and user-friendly functionality,” commented Joan Lowell, Vice President, Electronic Distribution of Hyatt.

“In a short period of time the content has proven useful in helping guests choose Hyatt and select from the various accommodation options that each Hyatt hotel offers. Based upon the success of the program with Hyatt Corporation, and to provide a consistent presentation of all our hotels across the entire Hyatt brand, we have decided to utilize the expertise of VRX for all our international hotels as well.”

VRX’s Hotel Program helps hotel companies such as Hyatt manage the presentation of their properties across all their online distribution channels.

VRX produces the highest quality and most user-friendly online visual content while delivering a consistent user-experience across every hotel in its Hotel Archive.

The quality, consistency, and reliability of VRX’s Hotel Content increases consumers’ online booking confidence.

“Expanding our global coverage of hotels through partnerships with renowned brands such as Hyatt is our preferred approach to growth”, stated David MacLaren, President and CEO of VRX.

“Since the beginning, Hyatt has been an exceptional partner. We look forward to working with them in each of their international markets to help increase both consumer awareness of the Hyatt experience and Hyatt’s market share.”