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Qantas looks to Indonesia’s AdamAir

The potential of Indonesia for air travel with a population over 250 million has attracted Australian Qantas Airways to visit Jakarta.Qantas has a strong interest to invest in the country in form of cooperation with one of the national airways companies, AdamAir, in this year.

“We intentionally come to Indonesia to see and have special talks with AdamAir, as we have already learned a good management of this company as could be seen from its success in grabbing domestic market in the past two years. Such a success is certainly not easy to achieve,” said Qantas Airways’ Chief Executive Geoff Dixon on the sideline of a visit to the AdamAir office and its existing facilities at the Soekarno-Hatta airport, Jakarta.

According to Geoff Dixon, Qantas’ planned cooperation with AdamAir under investment scheme will cover three matters such as investment, training and safety.

The cooperation will actually give more benefits to passengers whereas Australians wishing to visit Indonesia can buy AdamAir tickets at Qantas counters in over the world.

In the meantime, Indonesians wishing to travel to Australia can buy Qantas’ tickets at AdamAir counter.


Geoff Dixon also underscored his intention to make Jakarta as a second hub after Singapore in serving his airways’ international flight routes.

“Hopefully my personal visit to AdamAir today will be able to precipitate the realization of investment in Indonesia in cooperation with AdamAir.”

In the meantime, Chief Executive of AdamAir Gunawan Suherman said that his side has opened an opportunity for investors to forge cooperation with AdamAir. “Now we are having a direct talk with some investors. But who will make an investment has yet to be decided.”

Touching on his opinion regarding Qantas, he said: “I certainly praise Qantas, as it is the oldest airline which has proven superiority and quality in flight business. Hence I really thank Geoff Dixon for having come here, sharing view with AdamAir and being keen to forge cooperation with AdamAir under investment scheme.”