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Travel insurance moves to SMS

Mondial has formed a new partnership that will enable their clients to offer customers the chance to buy insurance cover, instantly, by a simple SMS text message.
Steve Hook, Director of Corporate & Travel for Mondial UK comments: “A significant number of people travel without the appropriate insurance cover, but this new text message service means even the last minute customer will have the chance to buy insurance right up until the time their flight leaves.”

Research1 by Text2Insure reveals that 8.59 million people with mobile phones would consider buying insurance via a text messaging service and that 4.99 million expect to have done this over the next three years.

Having purchased a flight or holiday online and entered their details, the customer will receive a customer service text from Mondial before their departure. The text will remind them to take their passport, tickets and travel insurance. If the customer wants to buy insurance they text back with a “buy” message and Mondial will call them within five minutes to complete the sale.
The service provides travellers with the essential insurance cover they need for their trip. A text is also sent containing emergency phone numbers should they be needed. In addition, customers can gain online access to their policy by the time they arrive at their destination.

Nicholas Thurlow, Director of Text2Insure comments:  “We are delighted to have secured a partnership scheme with Mondial.  The Foreign & Commonwealth Office estimates 8.3 million trips are uninsured and as many as 43% of all short trips are inadequately insured.  With the use of our seamless travel insurance proposition Mondial will be able to help combat this worrying trend, whilst offering new opportunities to its travel clients.”