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RezStream in revenue drive

RezStream is adding design, hosting, and promotion of hospitality websites.
According to the company, most hotel and hospitality websites do not generate nearly the revenue they could. The problem is two-fold. First, visitors to their websites are not pre-qualified due to poor online marketing techniques. Second, conversion rates are low due to dysfunctional website design and/or poor performance of website booking engines.

“By 2007, the online leisure travel market is expected to represent nearly 40% of the total travel market. Indeed, well over half of all travel will be booked online by 2007.” - PhoCusWright

According to Bill Mitchell, co-founder of Colorado based RezStream, “There is a synergy between a hotel’s property management software, website, and booking engine. It is critical that property managers understand this importance and in turn, hire a company who makes the most of that synergy.”

RezStream is proud to add RezStream Website DHP: website design, hosting, and promotion to its existing line of property management software and online booking solutions, giving RezStream the most complete suite of hospitality technology solutions available to the hospitality industry.