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China Online adds English content

China Online is launching its English language web portal,, in a bid to enable non-Chinese speakers find China specific information in one convenient location.

China Online offers users a multitude of content channels that focuses exclusively on China, according to Rizvan Malik, chief operating officer. “China Online provides access to everything from China, including news, jobs, business, travel, entertainment and culture channels. In the past, much of the best information on China was only available in Chinese and unavailable via search engines like Google or Yahoo. With the creation of China Online non-mandarin speakers now have access to a wealth of information, resources and interactive content that thus far was exclusively reserved for a Chinese audience.”

For advertisers, the launch of China Online provides a highly effective promotion and branding platform, stated the company.

“With more flexibility in media consumption and advertisers facing increased difficulty reaching their target audiences, China Online offers “China Service Providers” such as hotels and airlines the unique opportunity to advertise their brand, products and China-related services to its target global audience,” stated a release.