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European Commission recognise Amadeus

Amadeus is ranked for the second year as the first European travel and tourism company in terms of R&D investment. This is one of the key findings of the European Commission’s Top 700 list of European companies investing in Research and Development in 2004.
With regard to sector listings, Amadeus appears under Leisure & Hotels, ranking first in this category. In the global ranking, Amadeus is the second Spanish company with the highest R&D spend after Telefónica. Amadeus’ R&D investment in 2004 was €153 million, up from €145 million or 5.5% on the preceding year.

Amadeus is ranked 89th in the global European list, gaining seven positions compared to last year’s report.

Jean-Paul Hamon, Executive Vice President Development of Amadeus, explains, “Investments in new products, services and technology are essential in order to maintain our competitive advantage in distribution, e-commerce and our IT business. Being the preferred technology partner for our customers’, R&D is a key factor that allows us to offer innovative solutions which help transform the travel industry.”