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Atlanta Airport upgrades wireless

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is installing the LGC Wireless’  InterReach(TM) Unison system to deliver cellular and public safety wireless coverage throughout the airport’s 5.8 million square foot facility. The multi-operator system has been funded by the airport itself, and will provide coverage in its terminal as well as in the underground transportation mall with a train system that runs throughout the airport’s concourses. The InterReach Unison system will support traffic for all major cellular network carriers as well as the airport’s own public safety organizations.

The new wireless system is part of a telecommunications upgrade project. Hartsfield-Jackson Airport’s previous legacy wireless extension systems (supplied by Cingular, Sprint Nextel, and Verizon) did not cover the entire airport. The City of Atlanta and the airport wanted to deploy and operate a system to offer ubiquitous coverage for cellular and public safety traffic in the 850MHz and 1900MHz frequency ranges. Implementing a multi-operator system is a strategic effort in the airport’s continued mission to exceed customer expectations.

“Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport continually strives to offer state-of-the art facilities that maximize our customer convenience as well as the efficiency of our operations personnel, and ensuring comprehensive wireless coverage is certainly part of that effort,” said Lance Lyttle, CIO of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. “LGC Wireless had a system with the flexibility, scalability, and performance to support all of our wireless traffic today, and to allow for cost-effective integration of new services and applications in the future.”

At Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, the InterReach Unison system uses 36 main hubs, 96 expansion hubs, and more than 700 individual antennas.

“We are proud to be the wireless infrastructure provider for the world’s busiest airport,” said Ian Sugarbroad, president and CEO of LGC Wireless. “Our system’s massive scalability, service flexibility, and cost-effectiveness are key reasons why airports such as New York’s JFK, London Heathrow, Detroit Metropolitan, Dallas Love Field, Denver International, and now Hartsfield-Jackson are choosing LGC Wireless for comprehensive, high-performance coverage.”