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LaRue wins Skywest risk role

SkyWest has named Lisa LaRue as its new director of risk management and compensation.LaRue will oversee Company risk management and insurance programs as
applicable to both airlines. These programs include hull and liability
coverage with a fleet program worth approximately $6.3 billion, workers’
compensation, and property and casualty coverage, among others.  She will also
provide analytical review work and recommendations for both airlines’
compensation programs.  LaRue comes to the position with more than 20 years in
the airline industry, working in various capacities at ASA.
  Michael J. Kraupp, SkyWest, Inc. vice president of finance, said, “We are
pleased to appoint Lisa to this position. Her background at ASA makes her well
suited to take on the responsibilities associated with this job.” He
continued, “Her talents and abilities will be valuable in ensuring that
SkyWest, Inc. continues to administer effective programs within her new area
of responsibility.”
  LaRue has held several finance, accounting, payroll and benefits positions
throughout her career. Most recently she served as ASA’s director of Finance
and Administration.  Additional past experience includes duties as general
manager, Payroll and Benefits; manager, General Accounting; manager, Cash
Management; and analyst, Cargo Accounting.