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Qantas explores component deal

Qantas has signed a deal with SR Technics to establish a joint venture company to provide aircraft component management services for the Airbus A380.The Executive General Manager of Qantas Engineering, Mr David Cox, said that with the A380 entering service in the next 12 months, Qantas had identified a need for the service, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

“As deliveries of the A380 begin from late 2006, all airlines operating the aircraft will need to prepare their support options for the aircraft which includes their component management needs,” Mr Cox said.

“While airlines will determine their own maintenance needs for the aircraft, Qantas Engineering has identified an opportunity to create an independent business to provide a cost effective component inventory service for all A380 customer airlines.

“We have been in discussions with a number of industry players over the past year with a view to establishing an A380 component inventory management and supply business, and have now signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with SR Technics, an industry leader in aircraft component solutions.

“This MoU will allow Qantas and SR Technics to move beyond informal discussions to look at establishing a joint venture business, examine options for an operational base and begin talking formally to potential customers.”