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Gateway unveils new ticketing

European travel technology specialist Gateway is introducing two new systems for agents at the Travel Technology Show 2006 (31 Jan- 1 Feb).
The first, the Ticket Automator Service, is a revolutionary breakthrough enabling agents to create all tickets automatically, replacing time-consuming manual processes.

A huge proportion of tickets are still created manually, which not only wastes time but also increases the chance of human error.

According to the company, with the launch of Ticket Automator, agents will be able to send “booked flight reservations” to Gateway, whose central system will then automatically return the correct ticket information, enabling agents to print tickets immediately and without error. 
Gateway is also introducing Marine Fare Database, a new tool for agents booking air travel for anyone in the shipping and cruising industries.

Gateway’s Marine Fare Database gathers special fares together and enables travel agents to search for them, and then book them through Gateway’s online booking system. 
“The booking tool can also be connected with the four GDSs” Said Gateway’s Andries Oprel: “Both these tools will make agents more productive, saving them time and money. The days of travel agents trawling through reams of paper for preparing and booking flights are now over. Our solutions put the power at their fingertips, making them efficient and profitable in a highly competitive marketplace.”