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TripAdvisor ventures into print

TripAdvisor has launched its first print guide, The TripAdvisor Insider Spring & Summer Travel Guide. It features travel advice from real travelers.
The 24-page limited edition color guide features tips,
stories, secrets and reviews about this year’s most desirable destinations.

The guide covers hot spots including Australia, Las Vegas, Paris, New York
City, London, China, Orlando, Prague and Venezuela.

  The TripAdvisor Insider is available to travelers free of charge and can
be ordered by visiting the Website. 

The guide represents
TripAdvisor’s first foray into the offline media world and showcases the best
of TripAdvisor for both new and current visitors.
“We’re excited to be able to deliver this fun, unique and informational
guide to existing TripAdvisor members as well as new visitors,” said Christine
Petersen, senior vice president of marketing at TripAdvisor. 

“We think our
loyal community will appreciate being able to get a taste of TripAdvisor even
when the computer is off, and for those who are just learning about us, The
TripAdvisor Insider will provide a nice sampling of what our site is all