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Eos goes hard on marketing

In response to strong customer feedback and outstanding media reviews since its inaugural flight in October, Eos Airlines has launches an extensive marketing campaign.The campaign will introduce The Commercial Corporate Jet(TM) as a brand theme, and an innovative rewards program unlike any in the industry, Eos Club 48. In furthering its service offerings, Eos also announces its exclusive concierge partnership with Quintessentially.

“This new campaign clearly expresses our competitive points of differentiation, which are significant to international business executives who prize exceptional service, quality and value,” said David Spurlock, founder and chief executive officer of Eos Airlines.

“Everything changes on an Eos flight. Our guests tell us we exceed anything they’ve ever experienced from business and first class on legacy carriers, and even corporate jets for comfort, working in groups or relaxing in private. The Commercial Corporate Jet and Club 48 eliminate all the compromises they’ve made before, ushering in a new era of expectations from their airline specialist.”

A supporting multi-million dollar advertising campaign, developed by AgencySacks, begins today as part of the broad effort.

The ads follow a consistent layout featuring a headline media quote and the central theme “With only 48 guests on a plane built for 220, everything changes. Eos Introduces The Commercial Corporate Jet.”


Eos ads will appear in targeted newspaper, magazine, online, and outdoor placements through first quarter, correlating with the expected increase in New York and London business traffic, which the airline serves daily.

Among the targeted publications include The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Daily Telegraph, Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, European Business, Gotham, and Avenue, among others.

“True success in advertising comes when we are able to position a new category for a client,” observed Andrew Sacks, president of AgencySacks. “When we can do this, the company competes in a ‘category of one.’ In developing ‘The Commercial Corporate Jet’ theme, we listened hard to what Eos guests were saying. Eos is offering them more space, comfort and service than any commercial airline.”

Club 48 Redefines Loyalty and Customer Appreciation Programs

Among many choices, Eos Club 48 offers guests the option to redeem rewards for travel on any airline, without restrictions, guaranteed, making it the first and only of its kind in the industry. Such travel rewards, in addition to premium merchandise and luxurious experiences, are accessible to guests after enrollment and booking just one round trip on Eos at .

Upon doing so guests immediately receive 80,000 points, or the equivalent of $800 US dollars worth of rewards on their first round trip.

“Eos Club 48 is unprecedented. No other airline offers the option to redeem rewards for travel on any airline without restrictions, guaranteed. We’ve raised the desirability and immediacy factor, keeping in mind what really resonates and matters to traveling business executives,” said John Rindlaub, executive vice president of Marketing, Eos Airlines.

“While other programs limit rewards to the individual airline or confuse members with complex restrictions, impressive rewards begin after just one round-trip on Eos through a simple, flexible, and highly personalized process where guests are known by their name and not a number.”

Among the premium merchandise and luxurious experiences available to members after just one booked round trip on Eos include Apple iPods with Bose Sound Docks, Tumi Luggage, a dinner party for four at Nobu in New York City, and special treatments at the best spas in London and New York.

As official concierge partner to Eos, Quintessentially provides traveling guests with a dedicated team available 24/7 leading up to and during their trip, and at both Eos lounges in New York and London during scheduled departures.

Quintessentially can give Eos guests access to the seemingly inaccessible, including tickets to the most sought-after shows and concerts, reservations at the hottest restaurants, to arranging for an unscheduled meeting in a fully equipped conference room, meeting both their leisure and business needs.

“As a top-rated international concierge service, Quintessentially brings yet another significant point of differentiation for Eos, as we combine forces to offer another industry exclusive,” added Rindlaub.

“This level of personalization and convenience demonstrates the amount of focus and attention we are dedicating to our guests, who will be pleasantly surprised how far Eos, as an airline specialist, is willing to go.”

In going further for its guests, should they be running late to the airport, they can call Eos and a representative will meet them curbside to take them through security.

Once onboard, each guest enjoys an industry- exclusive 21 square feet of personal space, or 40% more than traditional business class seats, making the Eos seats more like a suite.

Each “suite” also includes a second companion seat allowing guests to converse face-to-face comfortably, or work and dine together. A 78-inch lie-flat bed, exceptional cuisine, and diverse entertainment choices complete the Eos experience.

Roundtrip unrestricted fares on Eos to and from New York and London are $6,500 US, or on average 20% less than typical international first class and business class fares on most legacy carriers, making Eos, The Commercial Corporate Jet, one of the most significant values for international business travelers available today.