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Air deal for OctopusTravel is becoming the official global accommodation provider for LAN airlines. 
  LAN airlines’ web customers worldwide (excluding the USA and Canadian markets), can now search for hotel accommodation through an OctopusTravel co-branded link on the airline’s website

“Over the past 5 years, OctopusTravel has developed an in-depth understanding of the airline industry and the requirements and overall strategy of its airline partners. This allows us not only to meet but also to anticipate their needs through a combination of account management expertise, the right technical solutions and expert marketing support,”  said Max Yousaf, OctopusTravel’s Global Head of Airline Unit.

The partnership with LAN airlines will enable OctopusTravel to increase its presence in South America while the airline will be able to grow revenue by offering customers a one-stop shop for booking travel.

“The online travel business in South America is rapidly developing and so this is a great opportunity for OctopusTravel.” said Mark Simpson, Head of Business Development, OctopusTravel.

“We are delighted to have now reached this agreement with Octopus which will enable us to continue to improve our direct sales channel and provide our customers with complete travel solutions tailored to their own personal requirements,” added Francisco Basoalto, sales and marketing manager, LAN airlines.