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Solar airships to create new market

Private cabins, dancing and fine restaurants could thrill air travelers on board exciting new giant airships. Unlike blimps or zeppelins; these “flying cruise ships” are high tech solar powered jet-ship-blimp hybrids. Modern airships will offer an entirely new form of Travel.

Millions would join the “mile high club” if they could; now they can. IBEX Airship Div. is offering memberships in its’ company sponsored Half Mile High Club on the Internet to meet this demand.

IBEX is a start-up company that designs, builds, and will operate large rigid airships. Rejecting traditional airship designs and limitations; IBEX uses modern “lifting body” shapes and high tech materials to build airships that are as fast and as strong as airplanes.

The airships can be extremely large; capable of carrying several hundred ton payloads

Each year, the airline industry spends almost a trillion dollars on fuel.


Solar powered airships can eliminate billions of dollars in fuel costs. The advantages offered by this new form of transportation will result in a new global industry with the potential to lift entire economies.

IBEX will concentrate on worldwide airship passenger services and aerial sightseeing.