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GetThere receives British award

GetThere has been chosen as Business Britain’s “Business Travel Partner of the Year 2005 - 2006”, beating a number of airlines, online travel agents and travel management companies who were actively considered for the award.

Graham Plewes, Business Britain’s publication director, said: “Business travel costs are the third largest controllable expenditure for most organisations.  With GetThere helping corporations reduce travel costs by an average of 20%, it’s easy to see why they are Business Britain magazine’s Business Travel Partner of the Year.”

The Business Travel Partner award is one of nine business and management functions recognised annually by bi-monthly publication, Business Britain.  The publication assembled a team of journalists who spent over four months drawing up the criteria and conducting research to help select the winners. The criteria consisted of a number of different factors including global presence, strength and reputation of company brand, emphasis on customer support and cost-effectiveness and return on investment.

Floyd Widener, European Vice President of GetThere and Corporate Travel at Sabre Travel Network, said: “We are delighted to have this honour bestowed on us.  As a result we hope to help even more UK companies better control and manage their business travel costs.”