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BA refutes safety claims

British Airways has refuted an article in The Sunday Times about the airline’s safety record and described the newspaper’s report as ‘unbalanced’.
The newspaper cited three safety incidents which took place between June 2003 and June 2004 but failed to mention that British Airways annually carries more than 36 million air travellers on 360,000 flights safely.

British Airways maintains the highest standards of maintenance on its aircraft and is audited regularly by the UK government’s safety watchdog, the Civil Aviation Authority, which overseas the airline’s procedures, standards and personnel qualifications.

Captain Tim Steeds, the airline’s director of safety and security said today: “The three incidents were investigated by the airline and the government’s Air Accident Investigation Branch and actions were put in place to ensure such incidents were not repeated.

“Safety is absolutely paramount at British Airways and it will never be compromised and today’s article in The Sunday Times is unbalanced.”