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New women’s travel mag hits shelves

A new women’s travel magazine focused on international travel is hitting the New York news stands this winter season.The new magazine focuses on earth, culture, budget, individual style and global issues.

In a world with an ever-increasing need for young people who are well-traveled, intelligent, and global-minded, Women’s Travel seeks to inspire and discuss issues across all fields of the traveler’s life: airplane food, hotel safety, world culture, fashion, art, technology, and earth sciences.

For the inaugural issue, Women’s Travel called on more than 250 experts around the world who searched high and low to find the world’s best upcoming cities, cultural monuments, flea markets, eateries, coffee houses, art galleries, cultural institutions, cool & comfy hotels, airports, and more.

These resources have been packaged into useful, entertaining, witty features, lists and guides to help every girl plan a whirlwind, international trip abroad.

Included in the Premiere Issue:


*Packing Methods: 25 Ways to Pack Super Light (without wearing the same shirt for 7 days)

*Linguistics: Cool Languages that Don’t Belong

*The New, Eccentric Dutch Designers

*The Best Luggage Finds of the Season ($25-$350)

*A 48-Hour Checklist: Prague

*How to Volunteer in an Orphanage Abroad: Getting through the red tape

*How to Get Some Sleep in a Strange, Not-So-Safe Place

*India’s Organic Tea Farms: The City of Darjeeling

*A Warm & Fabulous Winter Week in Paris on a Tiny Budget

The magazine, made up of a worldwide team of women editors and journalists, makes a great gift for the woman who likes to travel and experience different worlds far apart.

Women’s Travel:

Women’s Travel is being launched as a bi-monthly to start and there are plans to move to 12 times annually in one year. Published in New York City by Women’s Travel Publications.