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Chinese regulator plans fee unification

The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China says it is planning to unify landing fees in China for foreign and domestic airlines on international routes, according to reports in the Beijing News.

In its draft plan, the regulator said it is planning to cut fees paid by foreign carriers by 20-30 pct and raise fees paid by domestic airlines by 15 pct on international routes.

It is also planning to increase fees paid by local airlines by 70 pct on domestic routes.

The new charges are expected to be introduced in the first quarter of next year.

The report said the move is aimed at improving the profitability of the country’s small- and medium-sized airports. There are around 120 airports in China, most of them smaller facilities. Many of them lose money because of insufficient traffic and poor planning, it added.


But larger airports with more international routes will see income decrease if the plan is implemented, the report said.