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Virgin inflight targets babies

Virgin Atlantic has announced that it has introduced programmes from the new British production company Baby IQ, to its inflight entertainment system onboard.  The programmes ‘Baby’s First Word’ and The World Around Us’ are thirty minutes long and have been showing onboard since 1 December on all aircraft with the V:port inflight entertainment system.

Baby IQ is geared towards the development of children’s language skills and creative faculties.  The programmes are filmed in high-definition, that integrate vibrant images with the musical stylings of the London Symphony Orchestra. The powerful combination of the visual and the aural serves to inspire childrens’ imaginations and encourages natural conversation with their parents.

Emma Gesto, Virgin Atlantic’s TV Acquisitions Executive, commented:

“We are delighted to be able to offer these unique programmes to our baby passengers.  Our inflight entertainment system also offers a V:kids and V:tots channels to keep the little ones amused on our flights which proves that our small passengers are just as important.”

All Virgin Atlantic aircraft are fitted with personal seat back TV’s for every passenger, offering up to 20 channels of entertainment to choose from.  V:port, the latest inflight entertainment system, has up to 300 hours of video and audio on demand which allows passengers to stop, start, fast forward and rewind their chosen movie, TV show or CD.