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Caribbean aims to boost flights

In response to pent-up demand from the UK and Europe, Caribbean Star Airlines and Caribbean Sun Airlines today made public the airlines’ plans to dramatically expand service.

Expansion will occur throughout the Caribbean, specifically between Guyana and Barbados; Port of Spain and Barbados; Antigua to St. Kitts and Barbados; Anguilla to St. Kitts and Antigua; and Barbados to St. Lucia, Grenada, Antigua, Georgetown and Port of Spain. 

Caribbean Star Airlines is adding daily service from Georgetown, Guyana, to
Bridgetown, Barbados, as well as retiming the existing flight schedule to allow
roundtrip connections to London. 

The new flight will depart at 7:50 a.m. for
Bridgetown, and will continue to Antigua, St. Kitts and Tortola.

Boosting service by 33 per cent, from nine to 12 daily departures, Caribbean Sun is
adding three daily non-stop flights, for a total of five, from Port of Spain to
Bridgetown, Barbados, with continuing service to San Juan, Puerto Rico.



Caribbean Star’s Barbados service will be upped a significant 66.6 per cent from
15 to 25 daily departures, including six to St. Lucia; two to Grenada; three to
Antigua; two to Georgetown; and five to Port of Spain.


Antigua will experience increased services with Caribbean Sun adding a St. Kitts
flight for a combined total of four daily roundtrips, while Caribbean Star is adding
a non-stop flight to Bridgetown for a total of three daily.


Caribbean Star will increase to daily service from Anguilla to St. Kitts and direct
service to Antigua.


Tickets can be purchased for all flights beginning 13 December.


According to Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun Airlines President and CEO William E.
“Skip” Barnette, the aggressive move, “is expected to boost
accessibility to the region, provide improved connectivity for the rapidly growing
European tourism segment, offer more choices for regional travel, and positively
impact the communities served through increased tourism and business travel.”


“We are extremely pleased to add flights to facilitate travel for our current and
future customers,” said Barnette. 

“Both the Caribbean Sun and Caribbean Star
teams look forward to welcoming more passengers and to connecting Caribbean
communities.  It is a wonderful opportunity to enrich the Caribbean experience for
regional residents and international travellers alike.”