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Golden Tulip launches RSS tech

Golden Tulip hotels is introducing RSS (Real Simple Syndication) functionalities on the Golden Tulip corporate website.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a mean of exchanging web content, using XML technology.

Growing in popularity, RSS allows users to receive headlines of the latest promotions made available on

Users can gather feeds from different sources and on different platforms into one place through desktop applications, web-based services, outlook, browsers, mobile equipments and instant messaging.

The advantages of an RSS feed are that the users only view the most recent changes to our site, the content is more efficient to read, it provides an alternative to email, gives users 100% control over the information they wish to receive and provides the user to put the content anywhere they choose.


Today there are 883 million internet users worldwide. According to World Internet User Stat, 75,3 million internet users are currently using RSS feeds and it is expected to increase to 332 million RSS users by 2010.

Research shows that the general profile of RSS users are male, young and mainly information junkies, online shoppers and users that are likely to visit Google and Yahoo!

Golden Tulip currently offers RSS users the possibility to extract our latest press releases on new hotels, technological advances, new partnerships and corporate information. Furthermore RSS users can receive the latest promotions offered through our websites for leisure and business guests.

RSS Feed:

Hans Kennedie, President & CEO of Golden Tulip Hotels, Inns & Resorts, comments: “We are proud to be one of the first hotel brands to offer this functionality on our website. By offering RSS feeds on, our hotels can keep their guests informed of their attractive promotions using the latest web technology. Furthermore this functionality allows us to provide the media updates on our latest press releases.”

Riko van Santen, Director of Electronic Distribution & Information Technology of the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group added: “As internet usage continues to increase, many users are discovering the benefits of RSS technology as a means to aggregate the specific information they seek on the World Wide Web, rather than having to search several websites for updates.”