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Distribution switch for Star Alliance

Star Alliance is selecting G2 SwitchWorks and ITA Software to provide alternative content access platforms (ACAPs) to the member carriers. The new distribution technologies will first be implemented in North America and are to be expanded to Asia and Europe within the next 18 months.

Under this umbrella agreement, the member carriers will now enter into detailed discussions with the providers in order to build a tailor-made solution for their specific requirements, with the ultimate aim of better serving the needs of the international business travellers.

The alliance concluded contracts with two vendors which are the culmination of a process which began in June 2005. In an effort to reduce the 2 billion US Dollars which the 16 member carriers spend annually on GDS fees, Star Alliance had begun looking into alternative distribution channels. A combination of market deregulation and new technology had created the right scenario in which these new providers have become real alternatives.

“By concluding these two agreements, Star Alliance has demonstrated that the work done at an alliance level can very well support the carriers need to adapt to changing market conditions,” said Jaan Albrecht, Star Alliance CEO. “Together with G2 SwitchWorks and ITA Software we will move forward in setting new industry standards in the area of airline distribution.”

“G2 SwitchWorks is thrilled to be selected as a preferred vendor by Star Alliance and recognised for our efforts to introduce a new era of distribution freedom to the industry,” said Alex Zoghlin, CEO and Founder of G2 SwitchWorks.  “As the only alternate provider with guaranteed content from major and low cost U.S. airlines, we consider this a strong endorsement of our work and technology.”


“We are excited about the opportunity to deepen our relationship with members of the Star Alliance” said Jeremy Wertheimer, President and CEO, ITA Software.