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Priceline launches ‘PilllowTalk’ is launching ‘PillowTalk’ - a ‘word cluster’ based on their customers’ hotel reviews, which subsequent customers can use to narrow down and select the right property for them.
Priceline’s PillowTalk word cluster - or ‘word cloud’ - features words of different sizes. The size of the word denotes how many times it has been used in reviews, thereby enabling browsers to quickly identify whether or not a hotel meets their requirements.

PillowTalkTM enables today’s busy consumers to quickly choose hotels from keywords. When some hotels have as many as 500 reviews, this allows people to select the comments most relevant to them.

To enter a comment on the site, you have to have booked the hotel through Priceline, which ensures that reviews are from genuine guests. In addition, prospective customers can see where the guest is from and whether they were, for example, a business traveller, a young couple or a mature couple.

Luke Errington, head of B2C marketing for Priceline Europe says: “PillowTalk offers a revolutionary new, fast and unbiased way to choose a hotel.

“The online travel market is constantly diversifying and improving. Priceline is leading the way in providing consumers with what they need - great deals combined with independent and impartial advice on accommodation, based on real-life experiences.”