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New UK veggie venue guide launched

The latest Vegetarian Visitor guidebook has just been published. For many years this annual vegetarian guide has been used internationally by the British Tourist Authority.

It is available from most of their overseas offices as well as good book shops and Amazon.

Vegetarian Visitor is the UK’s No 1 vegetarian, annually updated, GB guidebook to approved cafes, recommended restaurants, best B&B, great guest houses, best pubs and good hotels in England, Scotland and Wales. Top places and best venues in the United Kingdom catering for vegetarian and vegan meals.

What started out life as a humble pocket guide to B&B called “Aunties vegetarian guide” has now become almost legendary with vegan pubs from Glasgow to Brighton, vegetarian B&B’s from the Scottish Highlands and Islands and Loch Ness down to the tip of Cornwall near Lands End.

Published by Jon Carpenter and edited by Annemarie Weitzel, at UKP2.50 this book for those looking for restaurants catering for vegetarian diets with meals that offer more excitement than just a vegetarian lasagne and a fruit salad.


It’s not a rough guide, lonely planet, Michellin or a good hotel guide as it just lists the vegetarian friendly venues rather than guide you around the places and tourist’s visitor attractions but what do you expect for £2.50?

It could certainly be more useful than the AA and RAC for vegetarians and vegans in fact anyone looking for nutrition and health and healthy eating in Britain.

Caroline Snow from Carnbren Vegan Highland Guesthouse in Scotland said “I missed entry in this years edition by only a few weeks, I was advised an entry in this guide was vital. Our guest house will certainly be in the next edition”

Proprietor from a former winner of the Vegetarian and Vegan Hotel of the year in Ullapool, Scottish Highlands said “The success of my guest house depended on it, some of our best visitors came via this guide”