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WestJet buys four 737 jets

WestJet is to purchase four additional Boeing next generation 737 aircraft by converting purchase options with Boeing into a firm delivery.

The 737 aircraft are scheduled to be delivered in 2007.

WestJet also announced the exercise of purchase rights for an additional three 737 Next-Generation aircraft in 2008.

“We are excited at the future growth that these options provide WestJet with in 2007 and 2008,” said Clive Beddoe, WestJet’s CEO.

“It demonstrates to our shareholders that WestJet’s business model is working and to the public that we are committed to bringing our low fares and award-winning customer service to more guests.”


WestJet is Canada’s leading low-cost airline offering scheduled service throughout its 35-city North American network. Named Canada’s most respected corporation for customer service in 2005, WestJet pioneered low-cost high-value flying in Canada.

With increased legroom and leather seats on its modern fleet of Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft, and live seatback television provided by Bell ExpressVu on its 737-700 fleet, WestJet strives to be the number one choice for travellers.