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Hotel group personalises guest emails

iPost is joining with Pegasus Solutions to help Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group with customer service and marketing. iPost has developed confirmation and promotional e-mails for Kimpton guests that utilize basic hotel booking data to enhance loyalty and cross-selling.

The hotel group is a long-time user of Pegasus’ central reservation system (CRS). iPost has integrated its service directly with the Pegasus CRS, taking data from each Kimpton hotel reservation and sending confirmation e-mails to the guest.

Kimpton Distribution Manager Erica Penley said, “The Pegasus and iPost connectivity is very versatile and flexible with the needs of Kimpton Hotels to provide complete and accurate information on the confirmations, while giving a great first impression of our hotels to our guests.” iPost CTO Bart Schaefer said, “We are very pleased about our work with Pegasus; our integration allows us to aid Kimpton in offering its trademark attention to customers.”

Dennis Law, senior vice of product management at Pegasus, noted that the integration with iPost “gives Kimpton access to a marketing service that can help them increase revenue and ADR (average daily room-rate). It is part of our ongoing strategy of making it easy for our customers to access the tools they need, to better compete in the market.”