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Wellness travel company launches is launching as a new direct-to-consumer tour company designed to fulfill the growing baby boomer demand for wellness lifestyle vacations. The company offers wellness vacation packages designed by professional travel writers.

Each Well Traveled Tours vacation contains three key elements: Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle, Spa and Relaxation, and World Discover/Self-Discovery. 

Accommodations include four star luxury resorts that are well known for their spas and comprehensive gym facilities.  Hotels are also chosen for their close proximity to tourist and entertainment areas to encourage Well Traveled Tours participants to see the city on foot. 

Betty Alexander, president of Well Traveled Tours, explains, “We wanted to create a service that would appeal to the Baby Boomer interested in embracing an active and balanced lifestyle. Research has shown that this demographic loves to travel, has the disposable income, and is increasingly concerned with wellness issues - from eating right and fitness to finding quality time for themselves and re-examining their life goals.”

According to the Travel Industry Association of America’s (TIA) Domestic Travel Report, Baby Boomers generate more travel than any other age group in the U.S., registering more than 241 million household trips a year. Mature travelers (age 55+) took 31 per cent of all household trips. Baby Boomers are also the most affluent group, with 44 per cent having an annual income of $75,000 or more.


Destinations will be selected for their reputable wellness offerings with vacations ranging from get-away weekends to longer overseas excursions.  Beginning January 1, 2006 trips to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Hawaii and Thailand will be offered.