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SIA offers inflight language lessons

Singapore Airlines is offering customers the opportunity to learn 22 languages through Berlitz Word Traveler, a fully interactive language learning programme, featured on the Airline’s award winning inflight entertainment system, KrisWorld.
This is twice the number of language options than when Berlitz Word Traveler was first launched in June 2005.  Customers can look forward to getting a head start in Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Turkish, Tamil, Arabic, Hindi, Malay, Tagalog and Dutch in addition to polishing up on the original selection of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese.

“This specially tailored language learning programme is very popular with our customers of all ages and in all classes of travel, hence, the expansion.  Creating learning opportunities whilst inflight will provide a productive option for travellers who want something more and we are pleased that we can do so in a fun way,” said Mr Yap Kim Wah, Singapore Airlines’ Senior Vice-President, Product and Services.

Berlitz Word Traveler is fully inter-operable in all the 22 languages offered.  Customers need only choose the “base” language, from which to learn the others. 

Each of the language courses features four main lesson categories: numbers, dates, words and dialogue.  Together with self-tests, games and a pronunciation function, the features make this programme a practical and fun inflight entertainment option.