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Technology boosts search engine results

SECURE-RES is introducing SEO Super Reporter (SM), a proprietary new technology that helps assure SECURE-RES marketing clients receive high placement on consumers’ Internet searches.
“Today, 95 percent of Internet shoppers use search engines like Google and Yahoo when making buying decisions,” said Steve Million, chief technology officer of SECURE-RES. “If you don’t show up at or near the top of search returns, you’re at a tremendous disadvantage. This new technology helps assure that our hospitality-industry clients appear at the top of those searches, so consumers can click right through to their websites.”

SEO Super Reporter (SM), (Search Engine Optimization), works with all the major search engines. It allows SECURE-RES to continually refine the key words and other elements of their clients’ websites to achieve top search-result placement. “Key-word performance is constantly changing as consumer search patterns change with the seasons,” said Shayne Catrett, senior search engine optimization supervisor for SECURE-RES. “In addition, the algorithms that the search engines use in ranking websites are continually changing. This is why it is so important to have a tool to understand all the intricacies of SEO.”

The SEO Super Reporter (SM) program is run monthly to establish benchmarks, quantify up and down movements for specific keywords and reporting metrics for each SECURE-RES client. The program sifts through vast amounts of data quickly. This enables us to make modifications to client websites on an ongoing basis to assure top performance. “This software application is the only tool available to gather and evaluate so much information,” said Million.

SEO Super Reporter (SM) was developed by SECURE-RES over a period of twelve months and at a cost of more than $200,000. It is available to all SECURE-RES marketing clients at no additional cost. “Our number-one priority is increasing search-engine visibility for our clients,” said Catrett. “SEO Super Reporter (SM) gives us a unique advantage in achieving that goal. By combining the metrics most important to evaluating website performance, SEO Super Reporter (SM) is able to give the most accurate reporting of a client’s internet marketing campaign, thus greatly improving website visibility and, as a result, reservations.”