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Search engine translation service unveiled

Adprecision is launching a new service that allows Search Engine advertisers to automatically create keywords and write unique ad-text in foreign languages. 

Based on their unique ESP (Enhanced Search Performance) technology, the system can automatically find relevant keyword phrases and write unique ad-text for sponsored listings of Google Adwords, Overture, Miva and Mirago based on a client’s product feed.

The Adprecision ESP system then automatically updates search engine listings quickly and frequently ensuring that ad-text and keywords remain accurate and relevant thereby improving performance.

Paul Addy, Adprecision Technical Director said of the foreign language service:
“It can be a laborious task for advertisers and SEM agencies to find keyword phrases and write compelling ad-text that is specific to the products and services a client is selling. This problem is compounded when creating multi-language campaigns across different countries. With our suite of editable foreign language keyword and ad-templates, the hard work is removed, allowing marketers to concentrate on the overall management of their online marketing.”

Adprecision’s foreign language system is being tested by Netbooster Search Marketing agency for their client Hotelconnect. Gilles Bourdin, COO of Netbooster said “Netbooster chose Adprecision’s ESP technology for Hotelconnect ‘s European Google and Overture campaigns because it allowed us to automate the process of finding large numbers of high-converting “long tail” keyword phrases and writing unique ad-copy for each keyword. This has saved us valuable time and resource and enabled us to market Hotelconnect very quickly through the Search Engines. The results so far are very encouraging.”


Adprecision’s ESP system can produce ads in any European language and is currently running keywords and ad-text in English, Danish, Italian, French and German.