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Carlson brand links hotels

Leonardo is implementing a Digital Asset Management Platform for Carlson Hotels Worldwide.
“Carlson selected Leonardo to provide a rich content repository and distribution system that will allow centralized production, ownership, management and distribution of rich-content for all of its Carlson affiliated branded hotels,” says Elton.

Leonardo’s ASP Digital Asset Management (DAM) electronic solutions are designed to simplify the management and optimization of interactive rich media content, the automation of image distribution to travel channels, as well as the creation and delivery of e-marketing promotions and e-brochures across any large travel organization.

Additionally, Leonardo provides a central source of distribution for travel channels and their travel partners to receive up to date digital interactive travel content in the coding and variation of formats that they require.

“We have worked with Leonardo for the last year to develop a customized Digital Asset Management Platform to meet the needs of our five hotel brands with nearly 900 hotels worldwide. We have been able to develop a central source that is available 24/7 for managing and distributing assets, critically maintaining quality and consistency for the brands,” notes Cindy Jaques, Advertising and Design Solutions Manager, Brand Marketing for Carlson Hotels Worldwide.