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El Al addresses bandwidth requirements

SITA is implementing a secure Internet offload solution across 61 sites for Israel’s national airline, El Al. The solution frees up network bandwidth for mission critical applications and extends network redundancy.
SITA will be integrating and managing the secure solution into El Al’s existing
infrastructure. In April 2005, the solution had been implemented across four sites
(Tel Aviv, New York, Paris and Marseilles) and now it encompasses over 50 sites -
with 61 locations in total to be targeted by the end of the year.

“Partnering with SITA for Internet offload was the obvious choice,” says Itzik
Cohen, Infrastructure and Communications Director at El Al. “Nobody knows more about
managing network traffic, and how to keep it secure, yet flexible. Security in every
area of our business is our number one priority.”

“We’ve been working for the community for over 50 years, and we understand just how
important it is for airlines such as El Al to keep their network traffic safe -
whether it is being carried over private or public networks,” says Brijdeep Sahi,
Vice President Marketing, SITA SC. “Our Internet offload solutions offers just that:
complete security at all times - as well as increased bandwidth and extended
network-path redundancy, at a reduced cost.”