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AA to codeshare with Vietnam Airlines

American Airlines is applying to the United States Department of Transportation for authorization to begin
codeshare cooperation with Vietnam Airlines in early 2006. The two airlines plan to
implement their codeshare services in phases.

Initially, codesharing would be offered from the United States to Japan and Europe,
with Vietnam Airlines placing its “VN” designator code on American Airlines flights
to Tokyo, Osaka, Paris and Frankfurt from the U.S., which connect to Vietnam
Airlines flights to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The airlines would also codeshare on
select domestic routes.

In later phases, American Airlines would place its “AA” designator code on Vietnam
Airlines’ services from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Tokyo, Osaka, Paris and
“Vietnam is one of the top destinations for air travel in Asia, and passenger
traffic in the United States-Vietnam market has experienced very strong growth in
recent years,” said Henry Joyner, American’s Senior Vice President - Planning. “We
are pleased to have this mutually beneficial opportunity to work with Vietnam
Airlines as its U.S. partner, and to serve this important market.”