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SeaMobile signs with Silversea

SeaMobile has announced that it has signed an agreement with Silversea Cruises to provide communication solutions for its passengers throughout the world. The first Silversea ship to deploy the SeaMobile advanced wireless services will be the Silver Whisper. Passengers and crew aboard the ship will be able to use their own cellular phones and wireless PDAs while at sea, just as they do on land. Charges for calls and data services while at sea will simply appear on the wireless customer’s bill from their home carrier.

“Personalized service, flexibility and convenience are all important elements of the ultra-luxury experience we offer our guests,” said Silversea CEO Albert Peter. “We chose SeaMobile because of their ability to provide a superior wireless experience for our guests, giving them seamless and convenient cell phone access to family, friends and business associates not only on land, but also on the ship.”
“We are thrilled to sign this agreement with Silversea to support their primary goal of offering an ultra-luxury experience for their guests by helping them stay connected,” said SeaMobile President and CEO William D. Marks. “Cruising is a fast-growing industry where improved connectivity is becoming a key decision factor among consumers who choose a vacation destination based on their ability to stay connected for business and personal needs.”