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Community site secures funding

RealTravel, a user-contributed driven travel information site for finding and sharing travel information about destinations worldwide, has announced it has completed its seed financing of one million dollars from angel investors in the travel, media and social networking industries. RealTravel lets travelers create personal travel blogs, or travel journals, with detailed route maps, embedded photos and recommendations, and allows them to easily share these blogs with friends, family and others. Travel shoppers can then easily find this travel information, including advice on hotels and restaurants, from like-minded travelers. ,
“This investment represents a strong endorsement from industry leaders of our vision to become the best site for relevant, detailed user-contributed travel information,” said Ken Leeder, CEO and co-founder of RealTravel. ,
“The majority of travel information sites currently available online focus on quantitative, or price, or provide very basic, generic and anonymous information. In contrast, we saw a need to provide relevant, qualitative information to travelers. RealTravel’s rapidly growing community is proof that we are fulfilling this need.” ,
RealTravel officially launched in early October of this year. ,