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AOL launch travel tips

AOL has teamed with travel expert Peter Greenberg to develop a series of exclusive online video travel tips available on the Web at Greenberg is travel editor of NBC’s Today Show and an Emmy award-winning writer/producer of travel videos.

In the coming weeks, Internet users will be able to go to the portal to get information that ‘every traveler should know to plan their next trip or getaway’. The brief videos will highlight informative and practical travel tips, destination profiles and best-kept insider information for frequent and occasional travelers.

“Peter Greenberg brings unique insights into the industry to help consumers increase their travel savvy and enhance their vacation experiences,” said Jeffrey DeKorte, Vice President and General Manager, AOL Travel.
“This rich, new multimedia content puts AOL Travel in sync with the rest of the experience, and exemplifies our commitment to give Web users the most comprehensive online travel planning experience,” added DeKorte.
“Today’s travelers don’t just want pretty pictures, they want essential information about the process of travel. They don’t just want to survive the travel experience, they want to succeed with a great travel experience,” said Greenberg, who now also holds the title of AOL Travel Contributing Editor. “I am thrilled to partner with this premier online travel destination and expand its offering by providing that kind of information and behind-the-scenes, need-to-know insights to travelers.”