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Toronto visitors get search tech

redCity Search Company Inc., a neighbourhood-centric search technology company, is teaming up with with Interactive Communications Information Technology (ICIT) provider of iConcierge InRoom Services Solution, to bring its search service,, to Toronto visitors’ hotel rooms. redCity search engines scan only Toronto websites to ensure local results. A key feature is its neighbourhood sort function, which enables visitors to search and sort results by distance, from any location on a map.

The agreement will enhance hospitality service and self-serve guest options by integrating redCity Search’s services with ICIT’s Guest Services Center, a comprehensive computer/kiosk solution that includes a swipe card function and an advanced phone. ICIT’s business model provides each guest in a hotel with his or her own in-room system.

“Our service combined with ICIT’s technology will empower guests to quickly find restaurants, spas, shows or local attractions via a web browser screen on their telephone,” says Roger Abbiss, redCity chief executive office and founder. “It may be particularly useful during the holiday season, when concierges are busy and it is too chilly to travel any further than necessary.”

“A union between ICIT America in-room information system and the redCity local search engine is natural and powerful,” says Kevin Bidner, chief executive officer, ICIT. “The combined solution adds value to the traveler trying to find services or products, as well as advertisers trying to reach business travelers.”

Many Toronto area hotels, such as the Intercontinental Toronto Centre Hotel, have adopted ICIT solutions and can look forward to the added benefit of the personalized self-service option. “The ICIT kiosk, combined with the redCity Search system is brand new and it’s going to provide limitless options for the convenience of our guests. There’s no other service offering like it in the world,” says Dan Candido, IT manager at the Intercontinental Toronto Centre Hotel. “The scope of this service is that it’s not just local attractions, it’s a complete guest services system within the privacy of your room.”


Under the partnership, redCity is the exclusive local search provider, through on all ICIT web browsers in Toronto. redCity Search Company provides the fastest, most comprehensive and intuitive local search tool in the city.