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Italy ferry booking boom for Website

The online Italian ferry booking Website has witnessed a constant uninterrupted upward trend by about 60 percent over the last four years. This year the Website has forecast an increase in sales by 258 percent compared to 2004 this year.

“A firm usually creates the structure as first thing then the business: we did it the other way round and results show the idea was a winner,” says founder Sergio Senesi. is one of the largest online booking centers in Italy, taking reservations for 30 companies and 65,000 ferry departures.

This year it has handled a total of 60,000 passengers and has 1100 affiliates between travel agencies and Internet portals., which was set up in 2001, is an Italian firm located in Genoa, which has 30 employees, It is a ferryboat-booking centre specialised in the Mediterranean, working with call center and through the Internet.


Through the Internet passengers can book Mediterranean ferries from all parts of the world, organising your journey in the best way and certain of being able to rely on the service.

Travel Agencies also using traghettionline, the Website has created an affiliation system where travel professionals can earn a commission.