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Airline boosts CRM efforts through Open Systems

Air One is slashing its data communication costs by 40 percent following its successful conversion to a number of operational and decision-support products from Sabre Airline Solutions.

The carrier converted simultaneously to Sabre products in seven different areas; passenger management, revenue management, fare management, planning and scheduling, movement control, dispatch management and market analysis. 

The data communication savings stem from reduced transactions as a result of greater systems integration.  The use of ‘intuitive’ graphical user interfaces (GUIs) eliminates error messages, but most savings come from seamless integration of the reservations and departure control systems, eliminating the need to exchange data.

Air One is using the SabreSonic suite of passenger management solutions for its reservations, ticketing, departure control and booking Website. 
“It has always been our goal to provide airlines with targeted solutions to their challenges and enhance their business through technology. We best serve our customers by doing both at a price point that airlines can afford as they rein in costs,” said Murray Smyth, Sabre Airline Solutions’ senior vice-president for the EMEA region. “Carriers such as Air One are finding that SabreSonic is that solution.”

“Our growth goals are aggressive, and we now have a suitably aggressive technology partner,” said Lino Bergonzi, General Manager of Air One.  “We are one of the few European carriers now operating on a real ‘new generation’ Open Systems platform, and can immediately start taking advantage of customer-focused technology while at the same time lowering our operating costs.”