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Company seeks to secure hotel Wi-Fi networks

iBAHN is launching a network deployment of Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).  WPA introduces an unprecedented level of security for Wi-Fi networks.
The technology has been introduced across iBAHN’s secure high-speed Internet access (HSIA) network. 

Hotels within the portfolio will now be able to offer their guests the highest level of security available through public access Wi-Fi.  Wireless users will be offered an option to use the WPA-enabled service when logging onto the HSIA system at iBAHN-installed hotels that select WPA as a service option.

“Next to speed, business travellers who use our iBAHN secure wireless Internet service at hotels deem data security as their top concern,” said Graeme Powell, iBAHN’s Managing Director, Europe. “In order to deliver on our promise of speed and security in our partner hotels with iBAHN’s secure broadband service have received complimentary software upgrades to enable WPA on their property networks.  It’s a part of our ongoing wireless security initiative to provide the highest level of secure technology available.”