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Air Canada welcome Boeing decision

Air Canada has said that it has
received a binding decision by Mr. Martin Teplitsky, Q.C., resolving the
matter of pilot costs and other issues relating to the airline’s acquisition
of Boeing 777 and 787 aircraft.“We are pleased with Mr. Teplitsky’s decision which provides us with the
certainty required on pilot costs relating to the acquisition of new Boeing
widebody aircraft,” said Montie Brewer, Air Canada’s President and Chief
Executive Officer. “With the successful resolution of this matter, we can now
re-engage Boeing to conclude an agreement on the acquisition of new widebody
aircraft and move forward with plans for the airline’s future.”
  Mr. Teplitsky’s decision upholds the terms of the tentative agreement on
the matter reached by the Air Canada Pilots’ Association (ACPA) and Air Canada
on June 9, 2005. An agreement for a binding arbitration process chaired by
Mr. Martin Teplitsky, Q.C. was reached by Air Canada and ACPA on September 23,
2005, to provide the airline with certainty on pilot costs and other issues
relating to the new aircraft.